スタッフ / 社員・幹部


Recruiting new members !
We will be hiring new staff members due to the increase of customers.
Why not liven up the customers of over 1000 across three floors together with us ?
Only weekends or a few times per month is also possible.
Please let us know your availability.

  • 時給¥1,100 〜 (研修期間 ¥1,050)
  • 22:00以降¥1,375 〜 (研修期間 ¥1,313)


マネージャー / 幹部候補

Managers / Executive Trainees
Those who are interested in managing a night club, willing to start their own business,
or looking for a short term job.
Those who are not experienced in restaurant business are also welcome.
Nishiazabu A-LIFE, a popular nightclub that attracts over 1000 guests in the weekend
will teach you everything about club management!

職種 : クラブ営業店運営スタッフ
雇用形態 : 正社員
勤務時間 : 19:00〜翌7:00のうち8時間勤務 (休憩1時間込み)
休日 : 週2日 (シフト制) : 月給30万円以上 (研修期間有り
給与 : 3ヶ月28万円)
手当 : 能力により役職手当あり
賞与 : あり (業績によりあり)
有給 : あり (10日以上)
その他 : 経費あり
待遇 : 要英会話 (日常会話以上)
交通費支給 (上限あり)
社会保険完備 (雇用保険 / 健康保険 / 厚生年金 / 介護保険)

Occupation : Management Staff of a Nightclub
Type of Employment : Full-time
Hours : 8 Hours between 7pm to 7am (Including an hour break)
Holidays : Two days a week (Shift - work system)
Payment : Minimum 300,000 yen / Month
(280,000 yen / Month for the first 3months of training period)
Allowance : Executive allowances (Depends on one’s ability)
Bonus : Depends on one’s performance
Paid Holidays : More than 10 days
Others : Expenses reimbursedTraveling expenses compensated
(There is a maximum)
English and Japanese skills necessary

(Higher than everyday conversation level)
Must have a valid work visa.
Social insurance
(Unemployment insurance, health insurance,
welfare annuity insurance, nursing insurance)
  • 人事に関するご質問お申し込みは下記の時間帯にお電話で受け付けます。
  • 月曜日〜木曜日 13:00~5:00
    金曜日&土曜日 13:00~22:00
  • 電話番号 03−3408−1123 担当 小林